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"Okrilena" Foundation х Bloomstars

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At the core of Bloomstars' values is that everyone deserves to be themselves and feel good in their body. At Okrilena we believe that being in harmony with yourself is an integral part of being kind to and accepting of others.

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We created the women's t-shirt with the slogan “F.L.Y. First Love Yourself” to remind women that endless devotion to others should be given to themselves first. Love for others must begin from love for the self, coming from within. On the back of the t-shirt, we placed a pair of wings, to depict the wings that every woman has.

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For the design of the men's t-shirt, we designed our own illustration, which depicts tenderness and love. The slogan on the back, “Men of quality don’t fear equality!”, conveys the message that equality between women and men does not make any party less strong, dignified, or independent, but quite the opposite. Our aim is to convince and educate every man that equality enriches our society, instead of harming it.

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