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The Okrilena Foundation creates projects to showcase how equality enriches Bulgarian society. We organize campaigns together with other foundations and associations that fight domestic violence, in order to support crisis centers for victims of domestic abuse and violence.

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From "Okrilena" we had the pleasure to talk to the team of the magazine " " - the positive media of Bulgaria. The online media " Uspelite " was established in 2013 by Venelin Dobrev, joined by Alexander Hinkov. In 2015, they were joined by Irina Hristova and Kaloyan Gadzhev, thanks to whom established itself as the largest positive media in Bulgaria. Today the team is composed of many more people, and each of them is full of energy and faith that it is part of the most significant and constructive change in Bulgaria. Thanks to Katerina Vasileva for the invitation and the great interview! 

For the interview, click on the photo. 

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